China, the worlds largest growing economy is looking for sustainable development- creating and developing new sectors especially in technology and innovation.

Israel, the globally known start-up nation, famous for its innovation and scientific know-how superiority, holds the golden key for supporting China’s quest of Sustainable technological development.

We, at Unique 1 Asia are committing to our Chinese Partners to find solutions to their search of new technologies to be implemented in the Chinese market.
To our Israeli partners we commit to find matching partners to expand their global network sucessfully in the Chinese Market.

What can we offer you?

For Chinese Partners

Israeli Technology Solutions
We offer our Chinese partners full support in their search for Israeli technology. We offer tailor-made technology scouting services according to our partners requirements and beyond.

We offer you the following services:
– Access to world-leading technologies network
– Tailor-Made Delegations to Israel
– Market Research
– Culture Bridging
– Business Development & Consulting

For Israeli Partners

Business Development and Market Research
Unique 1 Asia’s expertise is to lay down foundations based on an A-Z market research tailored and built to your needs. We build our analysis based on various approaches and strategies while providing practical market insights and professional recommendations in the form of specific action-items with which our clients can move forward with.

We offer you the following solutions:
– Foundations Set-Up (company registration, market penetration, and more).
– Seeking Distributors & Partners
– Increasing Sales
– Marketing, Media & PR
– Business Development & Consulting


With our deep knowledge of various technology sectors and strong network both in Israel and in China, we offer the best platform for both the Chinese and Israeli partners to make their Wishes Come True.