The Sino-Israel Event Gained Popularity around China

The 1st Sino-Israel organized by Unique 1 Asia has gained popularity around China.
The event was been planned to be held for 8 days but due to its popularity, the event was extended twice- once by 3 days and then by 2 more weeks.  This event has attracted tens of thousands of visitors and appeared on the Chinese national media on a daily basis during the time it took place.
You can view some of the media items below:

Oct 30th –中以文化活动周”11月海口骑楼老街精彩呈现

Oct 31st – China News Service:中以文化活动周”11月海口举办

Nov 2nd – Hainan Daily:中以文化活动周”将启动

Nov 3rd – China News Service:“中以文化活动周”将启动

Nov 3rd – Official Weibo of Israeli Consulate in Guangzhou:中以文化活动周”为海口骑楼老街添“国际范”

Nov 3rd -Hainan Daily: 中以文化活动周”将启动

Nov 3rd – Official Weibo of Haikou Evening News:中以文化活动周”将在海口骑楼老街举办 体会文化精彩交汇

Nov 3rd – Hainan Daily – 11月6日:“中以文化活动周”将在海口骑楼老街举办

Nov 4th – Haikou Evening News -:“中以文化活动周”呈献骑楼老街

Nov 5th – Official Weibo of Hainan Daily:“中以文化活动周”6日在海口骑楼启动 想来吗?

Nov 6th –时代的回忆 “中以文化活动周”将展示海口历史老照片

Nov 7th – and Hainan News of The Travel Channel: [海南新闻联播]“中以文化周”在海口骑楼老街开展

Nov 7th – Hainan Network TV: “中以文化周”在海口骑楼老街开展

Nov 7th – – “中国—以色列文化活动周”海口骑楼老街启动

Nov 7th- China News Service:“中国—以色列文化活动周”在海口骑楼老街启动 [Video]

Nov 7th –“中国—以色列文化活动周”在海口骑楼老街启动

Nov 7th – Official Weibo of Hainan Column of“中以文化活动周”在海口骑楼老街启动

Nov 8th –“中国—以色列文化活动周”在海口举行

Nov 8th – Hainan Network TV: “中以文化活动周”在海口骑楼老街启动

Nov 9th- Qinghai TV:“中以文化活动周”在海口举行 [Video]

Nov 10th – Hainan Daily:在骑楼老街遇上以色列

Nov 11th – China News Service:中以文化活动周:通过文化架起心中桥梁

Nov 13th – Haikou Evening News:心中始终拥有一片故土———写在海口骑楼老街“中以文化活动周”举办之际