Culture, Media & Entertainment

Culture is our heart and soul, hence, we, at Unique 1 Asia are committed and are specialised to create custom-made large scale unforgettable events.

Our events include:Bilateral Events, Culture Events, Commercial Forums, Music Festivals and many more.

All our events have received praises and warm support by the Chinese media, local authorities and industries.

We are constantly working on creating added value, meaningful events with high level of customer experience.

Some of our past events included:


2012, the 1st Midi Electronic Music Festival in Shanghai

















2014, the 1st Haikou Israel Technology Symposium (read more- click here)























2014, the 1st China-Israel Cooperation Forum in Sanya City, Hainan (read more- click here)


























2014, the 1st Sino-Israel Culture Week (read more- click here)