In the past years Unique 1 Asia has been working with the world’s leading companies originating Israel in the field of Agriculture in order to set-up advanced, modern state of the art facilities in China.

We are seeking and seizing new opportunities, developing the market, maintain relationships and establish projects from an idea to success.

In Late 2014 we were involved with the establishment of first Sino-Israeli Demonstration Farm in Fujian Province, China.

In the farm, the experts use soilless cultivation (hydroponic) technologies as well as coco-peats. The produce currently includes: leafy vegetables, tomatoes cucumbers and eggplants.






















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In August 2015, TAP (our clients) with our assistance have set-up a new modern facility for Huiyuan Juice Company based in Beijing.

The currently produce will include: leafy vegetables, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries and micro-leaves.























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By the end of the year a new farm will be established in Jiangsu Province as well as others coming soon…